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Plumbing systems in high-rise buildings are complex, requiring an experienced and professional plumber with the necessary expertise.

In Australia, high-rise buildings are classified as those with 9-19 floors, and super high-rise buildings have 20 or more floors. With an increasing demand for these towering structures, the need for skilled plumbers to design and install top-notch plumbing systems that function seamlessly is growing.

Don’t take any chances – entrust your high-rise plumbing needs to an experienced and trustworthy professional plumber.

High Rise Building Plumbing

At Limcora, we are experts in designing and providing multi-level plumbing solutions for commercial projects throughout Western Sydney, including the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, and Penrith regions. Our team has earned a reputation as Sydney’s preferred plumbing design experts for buildings of all sizes. We value reliability and professionalism and are armed to undertake all the challenges this type of plumbing has to offer!

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Designing and constructing multi-level buildings comes with unique challenges, particularly when it comes to plumbing systems. With almost 40 years of experience developing plumbing solutions for building projects across Sydney, Limcora has the expertise to provide you with the right solution.

We understand the challenges that modern plumbing design brings, including:

Water Pressure Control

Water temperature management

Air ventilation control

Wastewater management

Stormwater management


Just like a regular home, there are flow, pressure, and distribution challenges present for this kind of construction.

With multi-level buildings, there are a few more things to consider also.

  1. How do the residents at the top of the building receive the same water supply pressure as the residents at the bottom of the building? Especially at peak times.
  2. How can wastewater be collected and removed in a multi-story building without putting excessive strain on the system, especially during peak usage times?
  3. Is there a way to design the plumbing system to maximize residential space while remaining efficient and compact?
  4. What measures can be taken to handle pressure buildup from usage effectively?
  5. In a 19-floor building, what are alternative venting methods to use, considering that roof venting may not be an option?
  6. How will stormwater runoff from roofs and balconies be managed in the building?

Experience is crucial in plumbing for multi-level construction. It’s best to work with a plumbing company that specializes in this area, to ensure a functional, efficient, and cost-saving system that can last for a long time.

At Limcora, we have nearly 40 years of experience creating plumbing solutions for commercial and high-rise buildings in Sydney. We can provide the right solution for your proposed building and assist you in developing the perfect plan.

We work closely with architects and builders to deliver plumbing solutions that not only save energy and reduce water consumption but also provide sustainable and safe systems for both owners and occupants. Trust us to create plumbing systems that meet all of your needs for your multi-level building.

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At Limcora, we have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to elevate your plumbing game. We provide efficient and high-quality plumbing solutions without the hefty price tag. Our team works closely with designers, engineers, architects, builders, and other trades to ensure the success of high-rise construction projects.

We understand the importance of safety and comfort for building occupants, and we’re committed to providing our clients with reliable, proactive, and experienced plumbing services. Our plumbers are fully licensed, accredited, insured, trained, and experienced to handle all types of strata, commercial, and industrial plumbing services for construction projects across Western Sydney.

We pride ourselves on our amazing and qualified team, who ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to scope. We guarantee the quality of the plumbing and drainage systems solutions provided. We

have also established strong relationships with a range of quality subcontractors who work to the same high standards as we do, so we’ve got you covered for any specialist services your construction project may need.

Talk to us today at 1300 006 606, to see how we can assist in making your construction present and future a success.

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Baycorp Construction

Charles Khoury , Director
“The Team at Limcora Plumbing have always delivered quality workmanship and timely completion on all my projects. This is paramount to the overall reputation and success of Baycorp Construction Group. I have a high regard for their professionalism and competence.”
Mojo Homes

Mojo Homes

Thomas Dureau, Area Manager
“Mojo Homes has worked with Evan and his team at Limcora for the best part of a year now and I can truly say it has been a pleasure. Limcora is a team of professionals always willing to go above and beyond to complete the job. The work produced from their on site trades is to a very high quality and the communication, advice and scheduling from their office is second to none. Evan and his team are a highly dependable resource within a tough industry.”
Reward Homes

Reward Homes

Michael McCrudden, Director
“We have worked with Evan and the team at Limcora Plumbing for over 2 years now. We have completed more than 110 projects together in this time. I find that the whole team is efficient and quality assurance is impeccable. Our company appreciates their ongoing support and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
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Cooks Plumbing

Mick Dover, Managing Director
“We have had a solid working relationship with the Graham family for near on 20 years. In that time the business has grown in its diversity and professionalism whilst maintaining their upstanding family work ethic. I personally hold Evan, Alex and the team at Limcora in high regard as operators and quality people and look forward to sustaining a strong future between our Companies.”
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