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Most professionals will agree that when investing significant dollars, the quality of the initial asset is super important. Whilst the quality is important, the maintenance of an asset is critical. When buying a new vehicle, vessel or house you expect to have maintenance costs like servicing or spraying for pests. It just goes with the territory. The ongoing servicing of vehicles and vessels is important because small problems can be picked up and rectified before they become major problems.

And plumbing should not be exempt from the same attention other assets receive.

The plumbing system truly is the most unappreciated workhorse. We take it for granted that it JUST works.

So, what kind of maintenance does plumbing require?

The usual recommendation for single building domestic plumbing inspections is once every two years. Multi-unit apartments are a different kettle of fish. Because they have far more complex plumbing systems, they require more frequent inspections and maintenance.

The actual frequency of the inspections really depends on a few factors. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Age of the building
  • Size of the building
  • Quantity of residences
  • Type of hot water system
  • Type of heating system

What is the benefit of frequent plumbing inspections?

When specifically speaking of multi-unit apartments, the most noteworthy benefit of frequent plumbing inspections is keeping the minor problems minor. Because each unit is part of the plumbing network, problems in one unit can affect the others.

A few things to keep in mind in favour of keeping a frequent inspection schedule:

  1. Cost

The small cost of enlisting a professional plumber regularly can save you a big expense when you least expect it. Regular inspections can be allowed for in the budget. Major plumbing disasters are more likely to strike when problems have been left unattended. And plumbing emergencies can be ridiculously messy. Replacing carpets, ceilings and possessions can run up significant bills which may not have been factored into the budget.

  1. Peace of Mind

If you own a multi-unit apartment, chances are you already have lots on your mind. Peace of mind cannot be overstated. By engaging a plumber for regular inspections, you can rest assured that you are minimising the chance of unexpected plumbing nightmares.

  1. Convenience

Whilst everything may seem fine, obstructed pipes can cause headaches at the most inconvenient times. A regular inspection schedule can ensure your residents don’t have to experience disrupted services. This, in turn, means you have a greater chance of avoiding midnight or weekend call outs, or painful calls to the insurance company.

  1. Asset Longevity

One of the top benefits from frequent plumbing inspections on multi-unit apartments is that they can prolong the life of a valued asset. Chances are that massive plumbing repairs or completely new system installation have not been factored into your budget.

For expert advice on the best schedule for plumbing inspections for your multi-unit apartment building call Limcora on 1300 006 606.

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