Can plumbing solder go bad?

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Can plumbing solder go bad?

In all industries, there are tools and resources needed to successfully complete jobs. Trades like plumbing must also keep to codes imposed upon the industry to be sure that all health and safety requirements are kept as well as delivering a quality service. In order to answer the question of can plumbing solder go bad? We first need to talk about what solder is used in today’s field.

There are several different types of solder which have been used in the plumbing industry over the years. Many years ago, solder had high lead content, which for obvious reasons, has now been banned for use in areas where drinking water systems are being used.

Due to health concerns with lead leaching into the water, that solder has been replaced with a silver solder mixed with other metals. So, can plumbing solder go bad? There isn’t a simple answer to this question.

Use by date:

All solders have a use-by date and manufactured date stamped on the packaging by the manufacturer. Recommendations are that the solder won’t be used after that date. In the field, however, there are different opinions on whether this is necessary.

Consistency and ease of use:

As solder ages, it loses its easy malleability. Whether that is within the use-by date or not is a matter of opinion to the individual plumber or company.
The key to any tool or resource used in any industry is the skills of the person using those resources. This is where working with an experienced group of well-trained team members is crucial to the success of any job, large or small.

Installing Piping

Any system will also require maintenance to take care of work done over time. Working with a trusted, experienced team will ensure that installation is of the highest possible quality. This should mean that maintenance is easy and in a best-case scenario unnecessary.

Solder once applied in a high-quality way should not cause any problems in the future. The prevention for joints bursting is if you do right the first time there shouldn’t need to be a second time. Soldered joints should not generally go bad. If there is deterioration around a joint, it will most often be a badly soldered joint or deterioration of the actual metal pipe.

The question, can plumbing solder go bad? can be asked from a couple of different perspectives and as you can see there is no simple answer. The easiest answer to the question of plumbing will always be to work with an experienced and skilled team. If you’re looking for a team to take your job to the next level, knowing you’ll be getting the best possible plan and product, contact us today.

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