4 Plumbing And Drainage Challenges Facing Owner Builders – And Our Solutions!

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Plumbing and Drainage Challenges

To build or not to build…. Let’s be honest, opting to be an owner-builder has its pros and cons.  While the decision to be an owner-builder could potentially save you a lot of money in the overall home build, it comes with its fair share of challenges – and one of these areas is plumbing and drainage. 

Your journey to building that home of your dreams needs to be well thought out – as they say, ‘a job well planned is a job half done!’  So, let’s take a moment to look at some of the plumbing challenges that you need to be aware of:

Challenge #1: Laws about Plumbing

It pays to research the local and state laws surrounding plumbing.  Even if you consider yourself an accomplished DIYer, plumbing is one area that requires a professional.  In most areas of Australia, a compliance certificate is required to prove that the plumbing on your site meets Australian safety and quality standards, and this certificate can only be issued for work undertaken or supervised by a licensed tradie.  This goes for both outdoor and indoor plumbing – you can’t legally maintain, repair or install a sewer line yourself. 

Sounds a bit tough?  These laws have been established to prevent hazardous and shifty practices which could affect you, your neighbours and the environment. 

Solution: spend time researching online, speaking to your local council and your plumber.  Make sure you understand what you can and can’t do, and obtain the necessary permits.

Challenge #2: Coordination of Trades

If you are intending to manage the site yourself, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the building process so that you can co-ordinate trades effectively.  Organizing plumbing is a big task, involving several stages, and inadequate planning and poor scheduling could end up costing you money as well as time.

Solution:  contact your plumber and discuss timeframes and materials needed for each stage of the project.

Challenge #3: Budget

We get it: you want to keep the cost of your home build as low as possible.  It’s important to realize that as an owner-builder, you may not be able to get your materials and appliances at the rates that builders can. 

Solution: talk to your plumber about the cost of materials and appliances – is it better to source them yourself or can your plumber get better deals through his/her suppliers? 

Challenge #4: Hidden Responsibility

As an owner-builder, you may be taking on many extra practical and financial risks associated with your home build.  These risks include areas such as the health and safety of workers on your site and insurance. 

Solution:  ignorance is no excuse – be informed; be aware; be responsible.  Research, talk to people, visit your local council and acquaint yourself with your legal obligations.

The team at Limcora are here to help ensure that your plumbing gets done properly and on time.  Call us today on 1300 006 606 and discuss your plumbing needs with one of our staff.

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