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Importance of a Plumbing Vent

We all know that plumbing is important. Whilst it’s probably underappreciated, we all rely on it to work. Nothing is more loved than the convenience of a hot shower and we really don’t think twice about how handy it is to have water in the kitchen and a flushing indoor toilet.

When we talk about plumbing we think of pipes, toilets, sinks and drains, but the little-known plumbing vent doesn’t usually get much of a mention. So, before we get to why plumbing vents are important in your home, let’s look at what a plumbing vent is.

What is a plumbing vent?

The humble plumbing system is actually comprised of a drainage system and ventilation system. Whilst the draining system is for draining wastewater and sewage from the home, the ventilation system is responsible for removing gases and odours. The plumbing vent also helps regulate the air pressure within the plumbing system. Plumbing vents are usually placed on the roof or outside the home in a strategic location (away from air conditioning units and windows) so odours can dissipate.
Purpose of Plumbing Vents

Why is it important?

Plumbing vents are important because plumbing systems rely on ventilation. Yep, that’s right, plumbing is more than just pipes and drains. Ventilation is a key component of the plumbing system.

You may have noticed a ‘U bend’ or ‘S bend’ below your sink. These bends are a vital part of the plumbing system. Each time water is drained from a fixture, an amount of water is left in the bend. This water acts as a trap so wastewater odours can’t come wafting back up through your bathroom or kitchen sink.

So, you’re wondering what ‘U bends’ and ‘S bends’ have to do with a plumbing vent? A lot actually. Without a plumbing vent regulating air pressure, a siphon effect can be created each time water is drained from a fixture. This means a noisy gurgling and sucking sound. On top of that, a siphon effect can leave you without a water trap to stop the odours.

The most important functions of the plumbing vents are:

  1. Plumbing vents supply fresh air to every fixture in your home. They help move water waste and sewage waste through the drainage system every time a toilet is flushed, or a sink, shower or bath is emptied.
  2. Plumbing vents carry bad odours and gases out of the home. The drainage component of the plumbing system carries waste to a septic system or town sewer system, but the plumbing vent keeps your home free from nasty sewage smells.

If you think there’s some kind of issue with the efficiency of your plumbing system or you’re getting some nasty odours you shouldn’t be, it’s time to call the professionals. Limcora are the experts in residential and commercial plumbing. They have the experience to help you problem-solve any issues, or ensure you get the right set up from the start. Call Limcora on 1300 006 606 for expert advice.

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