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Calling Contractor Before Excavating

Building your dream home? Congratulations! But before you break ground, make sure you give us a call. Here’s why: Excavation can have an impact on public assets. 

Calling Before Excavating

It can be impossible to tell where piping, drainage and wastewater discharge are located – but it’ll become obvious very quickly if you’ve wrongly estimated their positioning! Your plumber will be able to make sure no public assets are impacted by your build.  

You may also need to apply for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate which your plumber will help you with. 

Many councils also require that a backflow prevention device is installed on your water connection. Your accredited backflow plumber will be able to assess your site and install the correct type of backflow device. 

It isn’t worth taking chances when it comes to plumbing so call us today on 1300 006 606

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